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You Must Take Charge Of Your Executive Career

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I find myself in hot water—again. It really is impossible to please everyone, and I don't recommend you try to give a damn. It's a waste of time. 

This week, I shared that I've had an increasing number of calls from executives concerned about their company triggering a reduction in force (RIFs) and several executive clients preparing their significant RIFs at major tech organizations, F500s, and big consulting firms. 

The layoff numbers are more than 100k by my calculations, and the layoff timing is for pre and post-holiday season. (That's not counting all the 'quiet cutting' going on.) 

The next 4-months or so may get ugly in terms of headcount.  

I want to share more detailed information, but for obvious reasons, I won't out my clients' confidentiality, put their role in danger, or jeopardize their company's stock price. 

I'm not a politician.

It turns out that most executives appreciate the insider market knowledge (after all, information is a crucial negotiation tenant) I share about upcoming layoffs and other executive trends — but others get pissy, depressed, and combative. 

-> You’re depressing us, Jacob.

-> The fear-mongering here is insane, the DRAMA, my god. 😂

-> You could make this statement at any time in the 21st century and be “correct” - it’s like a palm reader telling someone, “I see key moments ahead for you…”

Look, the reality is that I speak with upwards of 50 executive leaders a week—and have for a decade. That's a shitload of deep conversations, and that's more than you. I earn the right to an opinion.

Sharing insider intel about economic trouble contradicts what the mainstream media feeds us—and whatever Bidenomics is.

I take ownership of sharing the news I hear; you must know it, too. I'm merely a conduit. 

Why are so many executives calling me worried if everything is as good as the mainstream media suggests? 

Maybe they know something we don't? 

Maybe their lived experiences do not align with the economic narrative?

Do you feel this, too?

All I ask is that we use our heads and not be gaslit. 

Other's denial does not override your intelligence. 

Denial is a primary coping mechanism for weak and narcissistic "leaders" dealing with their problems. 

If you're reading Execs and the City regularly, you are actively working toward owning your career and the realities of what executive leadership truly means. 

No fluff.

Considerable layoffs are coming—and that trend will continue in perpetuity. 

Perhaps you feel scared. 

Well — facts don't care about your feelings. 

The onus is on you (which should be a comfortable feeling, given you brand yourself as a leader, not a follower) to lead your executive career. 

The onus is on you to take action with the information you have and create the path to the lifestyle you want, the support for your family, and whatever ambitions strike your fancy. 

The onus is on you to pave the way, fellow leader — you are not one to fall victim. You are one to lead action. 

I'd rather have a strong opinion and be open to changing it than not saying anything at all.  

Let's get it.  

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