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Career Programs

Get personally tailored strategies for continued career confidence. Ask tough questions, share experiences, broaden your perspective, and uncover unique solutions to position your career for whatever is next.

Expertise includes:

  • Career Positioning
  • Narrative Building
  • Personal Branding
  • Resume & LinkedIn
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Networking & Introductions
  • Interview Strategy
  • Compensation & Benchmarking
  • Negotiation

Leadership Consulting

Receive confidential, outside perspective to help you or your team sustain elite performance, stay accountable to goals, and navigate difficult cross-functional challenges within hper growth organizations.

Expertise includes:

  • Leadership Development
  • Hyper Growth Team Building
  • Cross-Functional Alignment
  • Mindset Growth & Transformation
  • Mentorship & Peer Network Expansion
  • Shareholder & Leadership Preparation
  • Executive Presence & Gravitas
  • Start Up Process & Guidance
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching
  • Venture Capital & Fundraising
  • Product Led Growth (PLG)
  • GTM Strategy 

Executive Positioning Services


Jacob is a trusted advisor who helped me consider all alternatives. I continue to pull him in when I am confronted with a career situation where he can help me. I highly recommend working with him.

Michelle Bockman

Chief Executive Officer, 3D Control Systems

Jacob is an amazing coach and adviser! He brings his extensive network and experience during the process which makes the entire experience rewarding. He helped me navigate through a career transition leading to a very successful outcome.

Jignashu Parikh

Director - Engineering, YouTube

Jacob has helped me navigate and negotiate my previous two executive career transitions. I’m fortunate to have added Jacob to my executive support network.

Kim Lenox

Vice President - Design, Adobe

Jacob is one of the most insightful business leaders I’ve met. My discussions with him have been a game changer.

Aman Naimat

Chief Technology Officer, Demandbase

Jacob is top-knotch and provides information on how you compare to other similarly-situated professionals and helps you position yourself for new opportunities.

Angela Sherrer

Senior Director - Legal, Twitter

Jacob understands exactly how to show up for the people in his orbit in the most empowering way. He makes colleagues and partners feel valued, elevated, and inspired. His charisma is grounded in kindness and compassion.

Noemi Vegh PhD

Executive Recruiter, Vega Partners

Working with Jacob has had a truly transformational impact on my life and career. He’s an exceptional coach, going above and beyond to help clients navigate career changes, salary negotiations, and other life milestones. He helped me find a job that I love and launch my own business. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of working with him!

Saray Palmisano

Group Lead - Product Marketing, LinkedIn

Jacob was a steady and supportive voice for me during a period of uncertain career transition. His patient, consistent prompts to stay focused on core themes and clear personal and professional goals helped me navigate the emotional ups and downs of my executive-level job search. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jacob as an advisor, coach and reality-checker for any senior professional who’s interested in aligning their career with their goals and values.

Nick Gould

Vice President - Operations, 2U

Jacob gave super helpful, clear, and actionable direction when I needed it. He’s also assembled a really great group of folks that I enjoyed working with. His concern and interest in helping is genuine and sincere and infects the rest of his team.

Steve Rubinstein

Chief Operating Officer, Confiant

Jacob and his team helped me completely overhaul my resume and crystallize the direction I wanted my career to take during a critical juncture. They were knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Heather Zulawiski

Executive Director - L&D, Comcast

Jacob’s coaching has been one of the best investments I have made for my career.

Jean-Paul Bonjour

Engineering Manager, Netlix

If you need help getting and negotiating the right role for you, Jacob is your guy.

Bruno Bergher

Vice President - Product, Metabase

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you have network connections?

I’ve worked with Directors to VP to C-Suite at:

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Disney, Dell, LinkedIn, Cisco, Youtube, HubSpot, Slack, Zendesk, Adobe, GoDaddy, Twilio, IBM, Oracle, Spotify, SAP, Walmart, Intuit, Reddit, eBay, Cognizant, Capgemini, Pinterest, Nokia, SNAP, Twitter, VMware, Paypal, Starbucks, Coda, Freshworks, Zapier, Mailchimp, Airtable, Samsara, Gusto, Gong, Amplitude, Contentful, Sisense, Compass, Zillow, Visa, Stripe, Box, Uber, Lyft, Ramp, Comcast, McKinsey, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Accenture, PWC, McKesson, AT&T, Verizon, JP Morgan, Square, Bank of America, Dell, Wells Fargo, Intel, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Nike, Qualtrics, Under Armour, Hearst, Charles Schwab, Pfizer, Takeda, Thermo Fisher, Tesla, PG&E, Blackrock, Mastercard, Gap, Fox, KornFerry, Discovery, Hilton, Smartsheet, Mondelez, Sprout Social, Electronic Arts, Xerox, Grammarly, Zoom, Drift, Segment, Outreach, LiveNation, and dozens more (including executive recruiters and headhunters).

Can you guarantee me a job or promotion?

No—and you should be wary of anyone who does. I work to help you find the most authentic and fulfilling work (even if that’s where you are today) so that you can love what you do. I do not want to pressure you into a role without intelligent observation and understanding for the sake of honoring a guarantee.  

How long is a coaching session?

Sessions are 45 minutes but can be combined for 90 minute sessions.

Are my sessions confidential?

I will not divulge sensitive information about the coaching relationship unless I receive consent from you. All information discussed during our coaching sessions are considered private. You may share information with others at your discretion.

What goes into an executive resume?

We position your career for where you are going, and not just where you’ve been. The best executive resumes aren’t simply tactic-driven rehashes of your career to date. They are strategic documents that give potential employers the impression that you are the person who would be the best for the role they are filling. It’s important to position yourself as their solution, tying your previous work within the last 8-12 years to what they need most from their next leader. We combine our research to see what those attributes are and stage discussions with you centered on your aspirations and goals. From there, we craft a reformatted resume with emphasis on transferable skills, hard and soft skills, leadership strengths, and the most relevant experience to showcases your expertise.

What do your Career Programs look like?

Each relationship is personal and unique; however, we’ll often follow a similar framework depending on areas where your strengths and weaknesses lay. Much of our work will lay the foundation for ongoing career success.

I’ll start with a pre-consultation discovery call, assess your skills and challenges, set expectations, and discuss an authentic narrative and position.

Next we’ll review your marketing materials, resume, website, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, presentations, etc – and suggest improvements.

As we reach confidence in your position, we’ll develop a personalized job search strategy and process, discuss online applications, and how to earn interviews.

Next, we’ll work on pre-interview strategy, conduct mock interview practice sessions, prepare personalized interview questions and prepare for negotiation.

Finally, we work together as needed in a flexible cadence designed around where you are in your search process. For example, this period may include targetted interview preparation, assessment, and salary negotation for multiple opportunities concurrently.

Do you offer refunds?

No. I work to provide 3-10x your investment and in dozens of cases I have helped clients improve their compensation by over 6 figures annually.  I always work to provide more impact and value than expected.

Do you work on contingency?

No. I have explored these models and they conflict with my mission of helping you love what you do and feel authentic joy with your career. It’s not about finding you the most money or pushing you into a role because I’m incentivized to make a big commission—it’s about providing value and impact every step of the way and building habits that will support the entirety of your career ambitions. I work for performance and outcomes—and I bill upfront. 

Why do I need a value positioning letter?

After working through our career narrative development sessions, you will be able to tell a more complete, compelling, and powerful story—in a more concise way. Our value positioning letter serves as documentation for your narrative development, can be used as the basis for cover letters, and helps you summarize the direction of your career in a concise manner.

How involved do I need to be on LinkedIn?

Your involvement on LinkedIn will vary depending on your ambition. At a minimum, setting a foundation to be found for your expertise and making habit of regular checkins is a must. Beyond, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for accelerating your networking, recruiting colleagues for a new role, finding open opportunites (even ones not yet published), closing new business, launching a new company, and much more. We optimize your LinkedIn profile to position you toward your ambition after meaningful conversation with you and we know how each section actually affects the LinkedIn search algoithm and how you’re found online. 

About Jacob

Jacob Warwick, executive career consultant, speaking in Silicon Valley


You know.. my path is sort of untraditional. I’ve always been the ‘kid that fixed the VCR’ and even coded homework websites for classmates in middle school. I am the son of a nurse and entrepreneur—a combination of compassion and get-it-done risk-taking.

I started several businesses as a kid. A website developer, disc jockey, caterer, photographer, resume writer, and video editor, but I got my first break right before the 2008 recession as a journalist before a stint with the Emmy winning team for ‘The Deadliest Catch’ on Discovery.

Growing up, people would say, “Jacob, you are a great storyteller, you should be a journalist…” And I let others guide my early career. Turns out storytelling proved valuable for my first marketing and product roles in Silicon Valley. And freelance writing and consultation helped supplement my income while working my way up-the-ladder.

But something never sat right. I wasn’t fulfilled—even after promotions to VP and C-Suite roles.

Even though I was making a ton of money (which I thought was the key to happiness) I was emptied by essentially selling million dollar spreadsheets to other businesses. Oftentimes I worked for products or teams that I didn’t really believe in to pay the bills. I never want anyone to feel that way.

It hit me, that I needed to combine my passion for storytelling, marketing, and growth to help other leaders—do just that—tell their story, market themselves, and grow for their own ambitions and for the betterment of their families.

This journey has led me to my big mission of helping leaders find more fulfilling work, become masters of their craft, and continue their growth confidently through continuous learning and objective support.


I’m a husband, family man, and friend first. My wife brings me unfaltering support and strength of character. She is the the most direct, candid, and impactful human in my life.

We are the parents of three dogs… They’re great, but maybe we didn’t think that through. After 25+ years in the greater San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, we spend our time in Northern Nevada and North Western Montana. You’ll find us on long road trips, exploring with the dogs, or chasing frisbees in the woods.


I spent over a decade in Silicon Valley as a senior go-to-market executive with an extensive background developing and leading high-growth teams in the enterprise technology sector.

I worked with companies such as Percolate (Seismic), MyFitnessPal (UnderArmour), Uber, Engage 3, Simply Measured (Sprout Social), LinkedIn, Xerox, Skedulo, AppBuddy (Validity), Visor, and ClearVoice (Fiverr). I’ve worked with lots of VC backed hyper growth companies and through several acquisitions.

I was a 2x product leader, 4x marketing leader, built teams of 20 plus, and founded (bootstrapped) 2 multi-million dollar consulting businesses. ThinkWarwick Executive Coaching is my 3rd ‘official’ business.

A leader in high-performance coaching since 2011

I’ve helped over 1,500 leaders find more fulfilling work and navigate tough career challenges. I’ve worked with C-suite executives at major Fortune 500 organizations, high-growth software founders, and international business leaders across six continents.

Re-frame any challenging situation into an opportunity

Clients say that I provide a steady and supportive voice during periods of uncertainty. I concentrate on patient, consistent prompts to stay focused on core themes and clear personal and professional goals will help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of your executive career.

An advisor and reality-checker

I work to support a shift in career mindset, prepare you for more confident interviews, and am a compassionate friend during any setbacks. I align with your values and ask you the hard questions to force you to prioritize what you truly want in your career. I am candid and forthright—and take a personal approach to help others be successful.

I have an eye for quickly understanding your ‘secret sauce’ and will help you articulate your unique value. I help you refine your narrative, think through cognitive blind spots, and create immediate tangible value for your career.

A bias for performance

I can be an insightful, valuable sounding board and provide a wealth of insight, know-how, and connections across a wide range of industry dynamics. In the past 3 years, I have helped dozens negotiate six and seven-figure compensation increases.

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