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What Is Private Coaching?

ThinkWarwick executive career coaching is a confidential client-coach relationship with Jacob Warwick. Together we work to define and reach your career goals. We support your planning, direction, activities, transformation, and other meaningful career decisions. 

Sometimes this means accelerating a transition—or it means taking a deeper look at what transforming your career means to you and exploring the actions to achieve change.

Executive Career Coaching Expertise

Career Growth & Strategy · Executive Positioning · Personal Branding · Elevator Pitch & Storytelling · Career Transition & Transformation · Resume & LinkedIn · Job Search Strategy · Networking Strategy · Interview Preparation · Compensation · Salary Negotiation · Career Training

Why Hire A Coach?

Today's executive leaders must "see around corners" and navigate their careers through inflection points before they happen. Success requires understanding, empathy, and deep experience from a variety of perspectives.

Jacob facilitates masterful conversations that materialized from over a decade as an executive leader in Silicon Valley—as CEO of a multi-seven-figure career transition firm—and from thousands of individual coaching scenarios.

He's learned what sets the most successful executives apart from the competition—and applies that wisdom to supercharge your career.

Deep Executive Growth Experience

Access diverse knowledge curated from 2500+ global VP and C-Suite client experiences. From all corporate functions, company sizes, and backgrounds.

Faster Transitions, More Cash

Accelerate your job search. Shaving just six weeks off your next transition secures $35k+ in additional compensation.

Unlock Your Strengths

Discover your leadership strengths and learn how to seize every opportunity. Navigate your career with confidence.

Take Ownership Of Your Future

Learn the value of your skills, be honest about what's important, and communicate the most intentional path for your career.

Lead Winning Negotiations 

Get compensation intelligence, remove emotion, and negotiate with confidence. Clients have won more than $50m in extra pay.

On-Demand Expert Support 

Receive expert guidance to highly challenging and personal career decisions. Share the real you—protected by confidentiality—and without judgment. You're not in this alone.

Be Accountable, Keep Motivated 

Focus on what matters, build career-changing habits, take meaningful action, and celebrate your progress along the way. Get career guidance and reminders when you need them most.

Restore Your

Set smarter boundaries, negotiate concrete terms, and realize a better state of executive leadership. One where you feel more resilient, less stressed, and better balanced.

"One of the best investments I have made for my career!"

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What Clients Say

Kim Lenox

VP, Design | Adobe

"Jacob has helped me navigate and negotiate my previous two executive career transitions. I'm fortunate to have him as executive support."

Aman Naimat

Chief Technology Officer | Demandbase

"Jacob is among the most insightful executives and business leaders I've met. My discussions with Jacob have been a game-changer."

Angela Sherrer

VP, Legal | Walmart

"The process might sound intimidating, but Jacob makes it easy. He knows C-Suite executives and understands different job markets."

Cynthia Lencioni

Chief Operating Officer | Pulsara

"If you need an executive coach to help you find clarity on your next career steps, look no further. Jacob has been instrumental."

Jignashu Parikh

Director, Engineering | Snap

"Jacob helped me navigate through a career transition leading to a very successful outcome. He is always a pleasure to work with!"

Michelle Bockman

President | Stanley X

"Jacob helped me figure out what I wanted to do next in my career, then focused in on how to execute towards those goals."

Gordon Atkin

VP, Technology | Salsify

"I've experienced the success of winning with Jacob, and I highly recommend his services to anyone contemplating working with him."

Steve Rubinstein

Chief Operating Officer | Confiant

"Jacob gives super helpful, clear, and actionable direction when I need it. His concern and interest in helping is genuine and sincere."

Rachana Mansingkha

Director, Product | Facebook

"To the point, astute, and highly motivated—Jacob is a pleasure to work with."


Francis Lee

SVP, Strategic Solutions | GLG

"Jacob is an exceptional coach. He is a natural at getting right to core issues and follows up with practical and well-thought-out solutions."

Bruno Bergher

VP, Product & Growth | Metabase

"The impact Jacob had in helping me determine the best professional path forward was absolutely remarkable. Jacob is your guy!"

Roman Ramora

Executive Director | Chewy

"Jacob does business in a non-transactional way, listens to truly understand, and offers impactful advisory. These factors differentiate him."

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Private Coaching Benefits

  • Discover your career clarity and position for success
    Explore new career possibilities, find clarity, and develop an original career narrative to help you achieve your vision for what's next. Refresh your career marketing materials and know how to use them more effectively.

  • Tighten your strategic (and tactical) career focus
    Spend less time spinning your wheels on activities that waste your time. Start using more effective and streamlined career processes to accelerate opportunities and hone the right habits.

  • Conquer high-pressure executive interviews
    Establish a foundation on how to control interviews proactively, interview the interviewer, and shift uncomfortable conversations and reactionary interviewing traps. Position yourself for Teflon tough boundaries and more favorable outcomes.
  • Increase your self-efficacy with expert wisdom
    Get access to prudent leadership insight, compensation benchmarks, market intelligence, and proven career solutions tested across 1500+ client experiences. Be introduced to former executive clients when suitable.

  • Own your networking and career story
    Standout from your competition with stress-tested storytelling. Receive candid reactions and suggested angles of attack to test the validity of every scenario before your next big presentation.

  • Know the market—and negotiate with intention
    Negotiate faster career progression, more substantial titles, salary and equity, sign-on and retention bonuses, remote work, severance agreements, and more. Practice and refine challenging money, promotion, termination, and both professional and personal conversations.

"A phenomenal advisor, advocate, and coach for anyone in a key leadership role"

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Private Coaching

Best for executives that want personalized and flexible access to Jacob throughout their transition and negotiation.

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How Private Coaching Works

Every aspect of working with ThinkWarwick is personalized for you.

  • Assess Your Career & Set Targets

    Your job search starts by evaluating your career and job search to date. It is important that we pause for introspection before moving forward. For some, this is a quick confirmation of their path. For others, it is a deeper dive into transformation and what's next.

  • Develop A Winning Career Narrative

    You’re put on the spot to share your career story concisely and compellingly while we do a bottom-up exploration of your career by learning about who you are, what's next for you, and why you're ready for a change.

  • Review Your Resume & Master LinkedIn

    Review the core messaging that presents you in the best possible way and speaks directly to the needs of your target employers. These messages will be reflected in your resume, LinkedIn profile, and professional pitch. We also teach you how to best approach each channel to maximize the impact of your work. *Ask about our white-glove writing services.

  • Improve Your Job Search & Networking

    We assess your current opportunities, job search process, expectations, good and bad habits, and other factors creating friction in your search. We then offer a custom job search system to meet your needs and build a high-performance networking strategy complete with key performance indicators that we use to accelerate your job search.



  • Perfect Your Interview Preparation

    Take ownership of interviewing with our consultative-first approach. Get mock interview support, prepare for upcoming interviews, and post-interview debriefs. You’ll go into your interviews feeling confident and prepared—plus, you will differentiate from and outlast your competition by using our winning post-interview follow up processes. 

  • Negotiate With Confidence

    Arm yourself with competitive role, function, and industry market intelligence to better position yourself for winning negotiations. Get a well-informed baseline for executive negotiation and learn to position yourself for a more favorable outcome. We'll use smart information and timing to navigate the nuances of complicated contract negotiations.

  • Ongoing Career Support

    Final sessions are scheduled within 3 months of accepting a new offer to tackle any miscellaneous questions that may come up, assess performance and effort to date, support through any active challenges, and assess how to accomplish your future career ambitions.

  • Join CORE Connect

    A CORE Connect membership gives you access to a vast range of cross-functional experience, insights, and wisdom from respected executive leaders so you can make better decisions—and get better results.

"Every conversation is both enjoyable and time very well spent."

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Are you a good fit? 

Most clients meet the following criteria:
  • You're a President, Chief Executive, Partner, Managing Director, or Board Chair at a company with $3M+ annual revenue.

  • You're a Vice President, EVP, AVP, or SVP at a company with $10M+ annual revenue.
  • You're a Director+ at a company with $50M+ annual revenue. 

  • Your base compensation is a minimum of $200k - $400k*

    *Jacob has experience with seven and eight-figure negotiations as well. Please contact.  
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