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Unplug from the Matrix: Finding Satisfaction in Simplicity

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I'm feisty and must understand if I'm crazy or if we're all Kool-Aid-drinking gaslighters. 

Hear my rant — I share a meaningful call to action. 

While I try not to let outside forces get the best of me—it's hard not to be in agony over the state of our world. 

I try to reconcile 'what's the point of all this' executive anguish and the climb that you and I enslave ourselves to—when it only feels like we're further from the American Dream. 

Spending money we don't have on things we don't need.

We're quick to kill ourselves, glued to a computer monitor for 80+ a week to pursue happiness. We're powerless to resist contributing to a machine that grinds our neighbors into meat (otherwise, we'll miss our mortgage and join them in the chum). 

You're in fight or flight every day. 

Cortisol is high, and your health is under attack. Even the food industry profits from poisoning you.

And the powers that be need to keep profiting off your slow demise at any cost.

Did you know Blackrock has $8.5 trillion and Vanguard has $7.2 trillion in assets under management? That's roughly double what the United States collects from taxes each year ($3.9 trillion).

Perhaps more concerning than these behemoths (and let's not forget about State Street, Berkshire, and other bad actors) owning a majority stake in nearly all of the S&P 500 is that Blackrock allocates funds to the war in Ukraine. Ukraine gets your tax money from Biden, which is used to pay high-interest Blackrock loans and further drive blood profit. 

But only $700 for our brothers and sisters in Maui? 

Something doesn't add up.

What are monopolies? Is this an organized mafia thugging us underneath the veil of "protection?"

You'll own nothing and be happy. 

Meanwhile, the best we can do is Biden v. Trump 2.0?! Let's drive a deeper wedge in our communities, shall we?

Fuck me — and fuck us, right? 

Senators are freezing. And many more need to retire.

As a result: YOU sacrifice time with YOUR family under the cloak of being a responsible provider. But it progressively gets harder, Sisyphus.

Your dollar ain't shit. And it's taxed to no end. 

Sigh — I don't want to bitch without solutions. So, my ask? 

What would your life look like with less? 

  • Less reliance on the machine? 
  • Less desire for things that don't bring you joy? 
  • Less noise distracting you from reality? 
  • Less tech brainwashing your children (and you and I)?

Wanting less leads to satisfaction.

Wanting less doesn't mean undervaluing yourself. 

Your time is your most precious resource, and if someone demands time from you—charge a premium. 

Before you question your value, don't compare yourself to the gluttony of mediocrity and the asleep populace around you. 

Negotiate for YOU and your family. Never question, "Am I worth that?" 

You don't get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate. 

Consider the life you want, negotiate to make it happen, and protect it hellaciously. 

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