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The Office Advantage: Your Career's Make-or-Break Decision

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Unpopular opinion time.

I predict a future where the townsfolks angrily gather, collect their pitchforks, and commence a moonshine-fueled witch hunt against yours truly. 

Will I burn at the stake? 

Of course not. 

I do not fear you. Your blurry Zoom squares don't intimidate me.

You can't rally against me because you're scattered in every rural town across the states and beyond. 

Good luck forming your disparate mob

If I've learned anything from politics, it's that dividing our people and separating the family is a surefire way to keep a community in line. 

Plus, you're too busy ignoring your RTO orders and missing your OKRs to commence an assault on yours truly. 

Let's be honest; you can't blame me—you wouldn't take a militia with a collared shirt and PJ bottoms seriously, either.

That means only one thing is coming — a hypocritical and scathing assessment about remote work from your favorite keyboard warrior hiding in Montana. 

Yes, I, Jacob Warwick, will again shit on remote work. (For real executive leaders, that is) 

Let's not pretend it's about being stuck in traffic and being forced to commute — or that loud sales asshole that never uses the designated phone booth for his obnoxious product demos. 

You can go to the office, you just don't want to. 

Or perhaps you're saddled with a 2.6% mortgage in a flyover state, and buying in the city at 8% to save your career eviscerates your bowels. 

It doesn't hurt that many will have a decent career without going into the office. 

Hell, more power to them. But less power to YOU if you have meaningful executive ambitions.

I mean no hard feelings, remote folks, I love you, but you're not serious people. At least not serious about your career growth. 

Before you judge the log in my eye for being remote for nearly a decade — I ask that you not get it twisted. 

I am not an employee or corporate executive leader. I am an entrepreneur—an outlier to the system.

However - even though I don't have to, I immensely value handshakes, offsites, and in-office pow-wows.

I enjoy walking the halls, chin up, chest out — galavanting my 6' 4" frame into a meeting to connect with my people. 

In reality, executive presence is a real game changer to becoming a powerhouse executive. 

If you are serious about accelerating your career and rallying a vision forward, you must make a physical presence to maximize your impact and visibility. 

If you're not there, why should anyone else be? 

The best leaders lead from the trenches. They support their platoon. They will battle on behalf of and negotiate better deals for their teams. 

The office can bear witness to your leadership—not assume you have it based on a title on your LinkedIn.

If you have the choice to be in the office—your decision is the difference between simply having a job or leading an executive career.

Choose wisely; be where the action is.

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