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Jacob is a family man first and an executive coach and author professionally. He is the former CEO of Discover Podium and was previously a Forbes 30 Under 30 finalist and executive in Silicon Valley.

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About Jacob Warwick

After a decade in Silicon Valley as a high-growth software executive, Jacob launched Discover Podium, a pioneer in personal career agents for busy tech executives.

He led a team of 20 as Chief Executive Officer for the next five years. His team helped over 1,500 executives find more fulfilling work.

As a leading career consultant and founder of ThinkWarwick, Jacob now shares the most meaningful lessons from other top executives and personal experiences to help you love what you do.

My Story

👋🏻 Jacob here. I’m the ‘kid who fixed the VCR’ and a nerd who coded websites in middle school.

I started several businesses as a kid. I was a web developer, disc jockey, caterer, photographer, resume writer, and video editor.

However, I got my first break as a journalist and an editor for ‘The Deadliest Catch’ with Discovery before shifting to a marketing career in Silicon Valley.

I quickly grew into VP and C-Suite marketing roles, but I wasn’t happy with my work.

Why I Do It

Even though I made great money, which I thought was the key to happiness, my work was meaningless. As a result, I often joined companies for more money, not passion.

I never want anyone to make those shallow mistakes.

It hit me that I needed to use my experience in storytelling and growth to help other leaders tell their stories and market themselves better for more fulfilling careers.

My journey has led me to my big mission: to help others love what they do.

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