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CORE Connect is a private membership designed around the CORE executive learning framework. It's for executives who want to grow their careers, strengthen their leadership, establish their influence, and forge career-defining relationships with other distinguished executive leaders.

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ThinkWarwick CORE Framework

Transform your mindset and expand your career.

A Network Built With The Whole Business In Mind

Learn from a diverse group of cross-functional leaders ranging from high-growth startup executives to Fortune 50 industry titans. We understand that modern executives must learn from and influence the 3 major functional pillars of business; Product, Revenue, and Operations. 

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Membership Benefits

  • Monthly Group Masterminds
    Navigate your journey as a leader in hand-picked monthly meetups facilitated by an executive coach.

  • Unique Executive Workshops
    Develop the 'x-factors' needed to excel in C-Suite leadership roles through strategically designed workshops developed around the proven CORE framework.

  • Impactful Networking Opportunities
    Build relationships that maximize your influence cross-functionally and solve organization-wide business challenges.
  • Curated Member Support
    Request to receive personal introductions to other executives to help you achieve your specific near and long-term goals. 

  • Trusted Career Coaching
    Explore the next steps of your career with ongoing access to executive coaching office hours and career support.

  • Exclusive Executive Content
    Gain, share, and request executive knowledge in the private CORE Connect platform. 

Membership Pricing


CORE Connect is offered on an annual subscription billed at $200/mo with a one-time white-glove onboarding fee of $600.

Members either pay dues individually or ask their employers to cover the costs as part of their learning and development stipends.

Fees are due upon acceptance into the CORE Connect network.



You must be one of the following
  • You're a President, Chief Executive, Partner, Managing Director, or Board Chair at a company with $10M+ annual revenue.

  • You're a Vice President, EVP, AVP, or SVP at a company with $25M+ annual revenue.
  • You're a Director+ at a company with $250M+ annual revenue. 

  • Special consideration may be made for specialists that can provide unique value to our members. 
A Network Built on Mindset - Not Just Titles or Industry

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Payment is collected after internal review and upon acceptance.